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Ive had an epiphany will throwinf these words on paper tonite about these periods of time while i feel like isolating myself for no reason : i think its just about (not?) acknowledging the fact that you cant ever find anyone like you and maybe not even someone able to understand you since we re all different

Whenever i’m bored or sad
I dream of myself having fun
Or living that decadent life
Ho pe fu lly it makes me laugh

I am a mess
Let´s just face it
A lil’ depressed
Let’s not hide it

No all the words they can’t describe the frustration I feel inside
No all the words they can’t harbour the infinite souls of my I

It makes me sad

I can’t rely to one person entirely
The closest I can find from me
Is with a hint of what I hate
Hidding a twist of what I aint

It makes me mad

You’ve got my worst flaws
can’t stand it
And yet I like you
can’t get it

I’m so happy
That is for real
A lil deranged
Maybe t’s for thrill

In my trash-e
Iced-mirrors build
We pour champagne on Kfc
I am the Kind of kentucky
Enslaving them with my cookies

If I like you,


I like you. And only you. No, I will not get bored of you. No, I will not lie to you. No, I will not lose feelings for you. No, I will not hurt you like someone from the past did. No, I won’t leave you for someone else. I understand these things happened before, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen with me. If you spend most of our relationship being scared, it’ll end because you pushed me too far away. If things change, we’ll deal with it then, but until then, I’m all yours.

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